Call for Mentors

Call for Mentors

WOW Speed Mentoring Structure

There will be two Speed Mentoring Sessions: Wildcard Speed Mentoring (11:30am) and STEM Speed Mentoring (1:00pm). For both sessions, mentees will come prepared to share their professional, personal goals and problems/issues/challenges with our mentors.

Each session lasts for approximately 1 hour. During this time, you will have the opportunity to mentor four women, each for 15 minutes. Mentors will be seated and mentees will randomly select a seat and thus pair with their first mentor. A host will introduce each session with an explanation of mentoring ‘ground rules’ and will keep time, and signal (literally ringing a bell) for you to move onto the next mentee.  Our approach is about using your own experiences to support and offer guidance rather than matching up mentors/mentees in specific fields. We leave it to alchemy on the day to see who you will mentor.

Mentoring Tips!

Mentoring is the process whereby one person helps another to find her own solution to problems and difficulties connected with work, career or personal life. WOW mentees may be women of all ages and experiences including girls still in formal education.

The mentees will be asked to: Think about 2-3 problems/issues/challenges they would like to address during the session, to develop a brief description of each problem/issue/challenge, to place the problem in the context of their personal goals, priorities, and values and to try to identify any options to try and the advantages and disadvantages of these options.

The aim of mentoring is to help the other person to:

  • become clearer
  • express tensions and frustrations
  • resolve problems
  • further develop skills and confidence

Suggested breakdown for the session

  • 2-3 minutes mentee introduction
  • 4-5 minute explanation of problem in context
  • 5-7 minutes of mentor/mentee dialogue and thought sharing

Mentor Application

    Wildcard 11:30am – 12:30pm (i.e. business/non-profit management, communications, art, education, writing, leadership, consulting)STEM 1:00pm – 2:00pm (i.e. engineering, medicine, psychology, environmental science, software development, computer systems)