Speaker: Rachel Indek

Rachel Indek


Host and Owner for Bmore At Home Properties

Rachel is the Host and Owner for Bmore At Home Properties! She has been hosting guests in her home since 1999 and always welcomes the opportunity to share her favorite sights, tastes and sounds of Charm City. After many years of experiencing hospitality around the world, Rachel has brought home the best ideas from other amazing hosts and hotels to share with her guests.

In 2016, Rachel left her 16 year career in Politics, Government and Non-Profit to pursue her love of hosting full time! These days she manages rental properties, consults and is working to save the world through volunteer activities a little closer to home. When not traveling (and staying at other AirBNB locations around the world), she serves as a board member for a number of local, neighborhood organizations and animal rescue groups. Your stay with us helps fund these volunteer activities.

She is originally from New Jersey, and is a graduate of Salisbury State University and did her Graduate work at the University of Baltimore.


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